Lisa Maria Svensk (Finland)

»I’m a sweet saboteur goblin from Finland, Karelian land near the Russian border.
I was born in August 1984, youngest of four children and only one ‘who sees what others cannot see’ (Kaj Stenvals painting). I guess that was and is the major reason why I ended up studying ceramic art. My passions are surrealism, fairy tales, painting, ceramics, tragic true stories, strawberry milkshakes and many other things what I find weird and beautiful.

Art has always been close to my heart. It’s my passion, my fuel for life! It keeps me going and thinking, dreaming and hoping. I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I’ve always known that it will be something to do with art. I have never liked to be told what to do and I walk my own path; being a lone wolf seeking my place in this world, in this society. Some how I ended up doing ceramics even though that wasn’t my first choice. Still don’t know if it is my ‘calling’, but I know I’m loving it and that’s enough for now.

I am quirky, doing art in my own way. Check it out! Fall in love or hate it.
This is what I am, inside and outside. Brilliant fairy tales feeding and enriching my imagination. I will update my blog, and fill your minds with information of my MA project. Lady Vasilisa enchants my tiny thoughts, but let us not forget the great mighty Baba Yaga, iron teeth witch, with her magical chicken leg house and her faithful servants. After all Vasilisa wouldn’t have any adventures without them.«

© the artist

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